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Dues & Dock Information

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1. Dues are $250/year, and there is a minimum spend requirement of $100/year.  Payment for Membership dues and the minimum spend requirement are due December 31.  You will receive"Swan Dollars" for your minimum spend to use throughout the year.  You are required to work 20 hours per year.  If you have a work hours balance, you’ll be invoiced for the balance ($20 per unworked hour), which is due December 31st..


2. Members who are at least 65 with at least 5 years of continuous seniority are eligible for Fractional Membership.  Fractional Members are eligible for a 5% reduction for every year they have been a member.  For questions about your Fractional Membership, please contact the Treasurer.


3. Members who are at least 65 years with 20 years of continuous membership, or members with 25 years of continuous membership regardless of age, are eligible for Life Membership.  Again, contact the Treasurer for questions on your status.


4. 50% of docks fees are due by January 31 at 9:00PM.  


5. Boats up to 31 feet in length pay $475.  Boats 31 feet and over pay $525.  If you are a “Permanent” dock holder and do not have at least 50% down by January 31, you will lose your dock.  The balance of the dock fees are to be paid by March 31.


6. If you are a Permanent dock holder and interested in switching to a different dock, you will need to fill out a Dock Change Request by January 31.


7. If you are not currently a Permanent dock holder, then you will need to fill out a Dock Application by January 31 to participate in the Dock Meeting (which will be the first Saturday in February 4:00PM).  Based on the amount of open docks we have had the last several years, there is a high probability that the new members will be able to secure a spot on the Permanent list.  Permanent wells are only assigned at the dock meeting.  If you get a dock at the Dock Meeting, then you will need to pay at least 50% of the dock fees at the end of the meeting.


8. If you are a Permanent dock holder and wish to sub-lease your well this year, then you need to notify the Dock Master in writing by January 31 to avoid paying a dock fee for the year.  Permanent dock holders are allowed to sublease their well for one year.  If you subleased your well last year you cannot sublease it for a second consecutive year.  If you decide to sublease your well after this date, then you would be eligible for a dock refund only after all of the available wells inside the marina have been filled.


9. If you cannot make the Dock Meeting, then you can appoint a proxy by sending a letter to the Dockmaster before the meeting, listing who will be your proxy. 

Thank you!

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