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Initiation fees for new members total $250 and yearly dues/fees total $250. New members may apply for membership by being sponsored by an existing member, and obtaining two signatures from current club officers and/or Past Commodores.


The Initiation fees include a non-refundable $100 application fee.  The remaining $150 of the initiation fee in due upon admittance to Swan, plus the yearly dues of $250. 


20 work hours are required per year.  The many events throughout the year make it very easy to meet the requirement.  Your spouse or significant other can also work up to 10 of those hours.


Dock fees range from $475 - $525 per season, depending on boat size and dock location.  We are affiliated with AYC, I-LYA  which gives Reciprocal Members access to clubs world wide.  See our Club Links page for member organizations. For a tour just call us or visit our club. 

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